Here you can download all the light flares and leaks overlays with different kinds of lenses:

HELOS-44M F2/58mmÜbersichtDownload HELIOS-RAWs

Petzval 85mmÜbersicht Macro 100mmDownload Petzval-RAWs

Canon 100mm L 2.8 ISÜbersicht_Canon100mmFlaresLeaksDownload Canon 100mm L 2.8 IS RAWs

You don’t know how to use them? Than you can watch here my tutorials how to use them in Photoshop.

Rights of use
You can use the flares & leaks for private and commercial productions and projects for free. You don’t have to mention LOECK.LI or anything else in the pictures. Prohibited are selling the flares & leaks by own mediums, offering them on own blogs, websites, webservers, cloud-services or via email and other communication ways for downloading them at your own plattforms.