Flares & Leaks

I always wanted to have some flares and leaks as RAW files and give everyone the possibility to use them as well. I’ve got the bundle (at the beginning it was for free) from Krolop Gerst and started to use them in Photoshop. The bundle from Krolop Gerst is awesome but the files are in the JPG quality. In most cases you don’t need RAW quality of the date to ajust things. But in a few cases you want to change the light quality very strong and than RAW-files are much easier to handle. So I decided to start to produce flares and leaks with the equipment I have.
I’m a huge fan of the share community and that’s why I give them for free to download. Many photographers have shared their know-how and experience in the internet and that’s a moment for me to give something back because I did benefit from it a lot.

Technical infos
All the light flares and leaks so far have been photographed by a Canon 6D with 20.2 megapixels. For most usage that should be more than enought. Since I use exotic lenses the flares & leaks are categorized by lenses. The RAW files are straight out of Camera.
ATTENTION: The flares & leaks are RAW file bundles. Therefore they need a bit of storage space and most of them are more than one gigabyte large. If you don’t want to use so mage storage space for the flares & leaks, convert them either into JPGs and safe them or download them each time when you need one.

Example of overview
On the download page you are able see the details of the bundles each lense and you are able to download them as RAW files.

Rights of use
You can use the flares & leaks for private and commercial productions and projects. You don’t have to mention LOECK.LI or anything else in the pictures. Prohibited are selling the flares & leaks by own mediums, offering them on own blogs, websites, webservers, cloud-services or via email and other communication ways for downloading them at your own plattforms.

How can I use the flares & leaks?
I have produced two tutorials for that. But some of them are in german… If you can’t use them, just google it and you’ll find tutorials.

What’s next?
I will use all kind of different lenses which are able to produce cool flares & leaks. Of course I use first all lenses I own, but also from friends which have rare or exotic lenses. If you have an excotic or rare lens and love to have some flares, just write me an email and I’m happy to do them, alone or together with you.

Enormous and complete bundle?
Krolop & Gerst have done a complete bundle which I would call an all-around carefree bundle. It costs 15 Euros and if you use it often in Photoshop it is worth every cent. They really put a lot of effort in that bundle and alone that is appreaciable. The only downside is: the flares & leaks are JPEGs 😉