Sara, my muse

Almost every year Sara and I shoot a project together. For those who do not know, Sara was my first dessous model. It was such a positive experience to shoot with her that she became my muse for dessous shoots. Every time we shot together, I loved to work with her.

And this time it was not different. I spotted the body she is wearing, looked for those panties and ready we were. I love the simplicity of the portraits. But by far I fall in love again and again with her eyes. Therefore, cheers to Sara and a big thank you for this shoot.

And for those who are wondering: All images are shot on the Mamiya RZ67 and the 110mm at f2.8. The film used in the portraits on the chair and in front of the gray wall is Ilford HP5+ pushed one stop, the ones on the white couch is Rollei RPX400 pushed one stop. Both films are developed in ars-imago eco developer with a 1:1 ratio.

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