Just a simple scarf

JASS – Just a simple scarf

JASS – Just a simple scarf

You know how it is. Just be in the office, have a little chat with your working colleague about a project. And BAM, you’re involved. In this specific case we talked about JASS – Just a simple scarf and the trade show “ToniMärt” at the University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the University of Arts (ZHdK). I won’t enlighten you about everything but I tell you one key idea of JASS: It’s just a headscarf. Even I tried one to wear and despite of the hot topic at the moment it was simply just wormer around my head. And I felt pretty…

So, soon there will be a series of pictures of human beings of all kinds of races and religions wearing simply a headscarf. Stay tuned…


And of course a bit of techporn. My lovely ELC PRO HD 500 studio flash heads from Elinchrom at the lowest power setting. They are so reliable and give you maximum flexibility for shooting speed, high and low power, flash duration etc. Those two flash heads are by far one of my best investments in photography I’ve done so far.

IMG_9619 IMG_9612 IMG_9601 IMG_9597

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