Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Programme

Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Programme

This years Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich programme (Season 2015/2016) has for the TOZZukunft (Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Future) page my picture of the executive committee in it. Rafael is a really close friend of mine and is part of the committee. That’s the link to me 😉 I’m really proud of that engagement and wanted to share it with you folks.

The pictures where taken really quickly right at the Lake of Zurich by the Baur au Lac totel. It’s a side channel of the Limmat river. Of course it was not the perfect picture taking time. It was during lunch time with bright sunlight. For that and that we did not have a lot of time the picture(s) came out pretty good.

As you can imagine the programme is full of wonderful concerts during next season. And I’ll be there for sure for the concert in January with Bernand Haitink and Brahms Requiem or at the End of February with Shostakovitsch’s 10th symphony. Those are only two of many highlights. Julia Fischer will be playing and Lisa Batiashvili is Artist in Residence. It’s gonna be so exciting 😀 No, I do not try to encourage you to go to a concert: It’s an absolute MUST!

IMG_4225 IMG_4229

If you want to have a little inside view with Schubert…

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