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Barcelona Street Photography (4)

Street photography in Barcelona during holiday? Yes, I tried it. But let’s start at the beginning. It is almost a month ago back in mid-June when I was in Barcelona. Still I haven’t looked and worked on all pictures I wanted to but here is another part of them.
When I look at street photographers and their methods to take pictures I see lot of different ways how it can be done. So one afternoon I took my 16-35mm at a focal length of 24-28mm, selected all autofocus points, hold the camera in front of my belly and my finger on the trigger and just took pictures of the people around me. Or what I than realized: the busy tourist. As you can imagine there is a lot of pictures you can’t use. Some of them are ok but have no clear structure and are therefore not really showable. Yes, I could use black and white than to give the viewer more direction of understanding the picture. But in such a colorful city like Barcelona I feel a bit bad if I would have done that.

Something I was fascinated by was the tourist streams. If I walked one crossroad further, it was almost empty of people. But see for yourself. Enjoy the experiment 😉

IMG_2649 IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2661 IMG_2663 IMG_2682 IMG_2685 IMG_2689 IMG_2690 IMG_2693 IMG_2697 IMG_2706 IMG_2708 IMG_2558 IMG_2561 IMG_2563 IMG_2566 IMG_2573 IMG_2577 IMG_2606 IMG_2617 IMG_2622 IMG_2636 IMG_2641 IMG_2643 IMG_2644 IMG_2645

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