Busy Busy Busy with filming

Sorry folks but the last past weeks kept me so busy with my work all things going on that I wasn’t able to do much with photography or filming to show on here. When I did things most of the time they were for someone or not really interesting for here.

Well, recently I took a selfie video for the scholarship initiative on which will be voted on June 14th. What can I say, it’s in swiss german, but I at least it will sound funny for the non-german speaking among you. It’s part of my job for the student association of the university of applied siences of Zurich (ZHAW).

And of course I do a bit of funny speech videos like the fallowing one…

But more to come. In two weeks I will move to Winterthur, moving hopefully finally out of my parents’ home and have a new start in my little one room apartment. It’s close to my office (about 6-7 minutes by food) and only a few minutes more to my classes. So I safe a lot of time by not traveling every day about one hour each way.

Tomorrow afternoon is the next filming project for the scholarship initiative. I’m quite excited about that but have no idea if it will end up good. I let myself surprise 😉

Well, that’s about it for the moment. I’m sure I will share a few things that come up soon like moving to my new place and so on 😉 Take care and more to come soon…

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