Tax forms and going out

I tried to fill out my tax forms and my mom did them as well. She needed a lot of my help with the consequence that she is now done and mine still waiting to be completed. Besides that we were going out for a walk to catch some fresh air and to get at least some sort of sport exercise. While my mom was working on her tax forms I took a few pictures of her and later, when we went out, as well. Not a lot of post-production only the looks are done in Lightroom.

It was really April weather and it showed us how it can perform in all forms. We had rain, snowing, sun shine, cloudy weather and even some sort of fog. Well, April did what he wanted to do. Surprisingly it wasn’t even that cold.

When we were walking through the woods a few deers ran by and they were really close. I wasn’t able to take any pictures of them, not because I had a manual lens mounted, because they were so fast and I was to slow to get my camera into the hand.

And yes, all pictures were shot with the HELIOS 58mm F2. I love the old look of the lens, the missing sharpness and especially the manual focus. I really start to compose my pictures because it takes me much more time to take one. And while I’m focusing manually I start to think about the composition of the picture.

In the end I love that black and white look with those totally black areas and its milky touch. I remember, I think it was five grade, that I wanted to draw only with the pencil and without colours. The teacher didn’t allow me to and forced me almost to use colours. Since I’m really bad at drawing I might found now my way of doing black and white pictures.

I know, hate it or love that black and white look. Hope you do the second one 😀 Paddy from is also using that look and I love to follow his blog. Check it out 😉

IMG_1165-2 IMG_1173-3 IMG_1179-4 IMG_1181-5 IMG_1187-6 IMG_1195-7 IMG_1201-8 IMG_1208-9 IMG_1211-10 IMG_1215-11 IMG_1223-13 IMG_1230-14 IMG_1231-15 IMG_1232-16



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