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I have to disappoint you than this post has nothing to do with photography or filming. It’s about my experience as a blogger and I’m not big in business at all. But I start to realize how the system works.

The basic idea of blogging is to publish information or discussions about topics on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete posts typically in reverse in a chronological order. So far, so good. But soon you realize one problem. The www and the users there haven’t waited for your blog and your cool topics or whatever you do on your blog. No one will find it. That’s the point where you stop being a blogger and start being a marketing geek for your blog. Otherwise no one will recognize your blog.

How to promote your blog? There are different ways to do so. Usually you don’t have a budget for flyers, commercials on TV or high traffic websites, newspaper, etc. to promote our blog. The classic communication way is not first choice at all. Another way is the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagramm. A third way is to comment on other blogs, websites, communities and their forums etc. There you can also get a lot of traffic to your site. And in the End of course you should be good ranked by the search engines. The abbreviation SEO you should know what’s behind that.

Why aim I explaining that? The reason is pretty modest. It sucks!

I have my blog for pretty simple motivations. People were asking me where they can find information about my work and things that I do in photography and filming. I study business information technology and therefore it is also my playground. That’s it. When I started my blog it was clear to me I won’t have hundreds or thousands of followers. I rather have a hand full of followers which I know and communicate with them and know them also in real life.

Now my blog started to be more successful than I expected. The lens flares and leaks are very often downloaded. I didn’t expect that. And soon a few people realized there is a website which has a bit of traffic and suddenly all kind of comments you get. From Viagra to beauty products to financial services, everything you can imagine. Bizarrely I don’t get much on photography or my films 😀 That’s life I guess.

I read a lot of other photography and fashion blogs. Photography blogs of course because it’s my hobby and I want to improve my skills. Fashion blogs for getting an idea what’s going in the industry and what kind of pictures are state of the art. I like to communicate with other bloggers and even do projects together with them. But when you realize the other blogger just wants traffic from your side it has an off-taste and is no win win situation. In the same category is for me to commentate with silly statements. I don’t have a problem if someone says “nice picture” or anything like that. It’s a nice feedback for me that I might be on the right track with my picture style. But when you get comments with five links and a text “nice blog” to really strange websites you start to need a comment spam filter.

The aim of this post is just to say: I’m not playing that game. So if you like my blog, you are highly welcome. If you just looking for traffic and all that kind of bullshit to become famous… good bye. If you want to do a crazy project together and have fun… Let’s do it. Let’s be our own crazy blogger world 😉

Since it’s not about photography and I’m often not sure which picture look I should take, here are three different one’s when I say BLOG 😉 Selfie time. Let me know which one of them you like most…

farbig__MG_9280 - Kopie _MG_9280 - Kopie _MG_9280_photoshop - Kopie

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