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Last night I worked on a lot of party pictures by the semester start party from the student association. The interesting thing at the party was to take DJ pictures without the flash. Of course I needed to push a bit the ISO but with the Canon 6D ISO6400 aren’t a big deal anymore. It was a black and white party so in the end the pictures are also black and white 😉 Never guessed that right?
I took a few pictures that way of DJ Nutters. And I really like those. Especially this one…

farbig_IMG_9890The others are also nice but this one has that magic and intimate moment. Check out the rest of them…

farbig_IMG_9921 farbig_IMG_9906 farbig_IMG_9880 farbig_IMG_9672 farbig_IMG_9668 farbig_IMG_9439 farbig_IMG_9423 farbig_IMG_9440

Pictures were taken by order of VSZHAW.

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