Update: Video, Facebook and more

I have a busy week behind me with a lot of meetings and thins going on. Besides that the semester started again and I caught a cold. Well, life sucks some times with those little things.

But there are also cool tings going on. As some of you know I had really bad experience with filming especially with the sound. I hope I solved that by buying two diffrent kinds of microphones. We’ll see if it’s now better. The first tests are very promising and I’m sure I’ll do a quick blog post with my experiences.
First project with the new microphones will be a quick welcome video for my youtube channel, Facebook and of course my blog. Yes, I am finally on facebook because it’s much easier to share there things. So far I have one like 😀 If you want to be the second one than hurry up and klick on www.facebook.com/loeckliphotography 😀

I’m planning on a second video project. It will be about producing flares and leaks by your own in a easy way. Nothing special but it shows that it is really easy to realize the leaks and flares.

That’s about it right now with the update…

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