My Nr. 1 1/2 compact studio flash shooting at Achterbar

A few people asked me who that model was in the last blog post. Well, it’s Kim and you find her profile on

With Kim and her friend Fiona was actually my second shooting with compact studio flashes at Achterbar after I had my first one with Stefanie the day before. That was back in February 2013 and of course I was totally overchallenged. Fortunally Kim was model experienced so she posed by her own and I just took so many shoots and tried out what ever I could. Thankfully both of them had the patience to work with me.

Since this was one of my first shootings with flashes the pictures looked of course good on the little screen back on my dslr. But once I saw them on the big screen… Well, I discovered them again a few days ago and now started some post-production on them in Lightroom. Here are a few more of them…
IMG_8898 IMG_9056 IMG_9018 IMG_8968

2 thoughts on “My Nr. 1 1/2 compact studio flash shooting at Achterbar

    1. Ciau Michèle
      Vielen Dank. Jetzt habe ich gerade deinen Blog entdeckt. Werde ihn mir also noch genauer anschauen.
      Liebi Grüess

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