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Since I was asked several times to write my blog in english and I try to do that from now on.

There are three reasons to do so: First I have a few friends abroad and they started to read my blog with google translator. Thus I got sometimes strange questions because of wrong translations. Secondly I saw that a lot of folks from China, Russia, South America, Scandinavia etc. started to download my Flares and Leaks. Most recently the fotocommunity is global and in English most of them are able to read it. Even it will take me much more effort and time I love to write it in English and besides that I practice my English writing skills at the same time.

Please don’t judge on me too hard for wrong spellings, strange sentences and everything else going wrong by writing and blogging in English.

Cheers me

PS: WHAT THE F*CK does LOECK.LI mean? is the minimisation of curly hair in swiss german. And because of my curly superb head of hair the domain name suits me 😉

PPS: And yes, it will take me a bit of time until everything is translated into english. The older blog posts won’t be translated.

9 thoughts on “Blog in English

    Cool that you start to write your blog in english. My german is really bad and it was hard for me to understand your blog. And Google Trans. is not always sooooo good 😉
    Keep up the good work and please… make some more flares and leaks…
    Re Alexey

    1. Hey Alexey
      Thx 🙂 Well, I’m going to produce maybe to day a few more leaks with the Petzval lens 😉 I’ll do a post, when they are downloadable.

      Re LOECK.LI

  2. Hey Sebi
    Am liebste het en ich uf Schwizerdütsch, aber English isch au ok 😀
    Freu mi scho uf die nächsti folg Music in Practice 😉

    glg Tobi

    1. Ciau Tobi
      jaja, s’läbe isch kein Ponnyhof 😀

      In English: Live’s a bitch 😀

      Cheers me 😉

  3. Hey Sebi
    It’s so nice of you to write in English,much easier for me to read,although my English is also bad

  4. Though I can’t understand German,those pictures in your older blogs still show me something and lucky I can.
    By the way,can read the English sentences and understand are also wonderful.That is more easily.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes

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