2018 came along and many models and photographer were looking into their planning of the upcoming year. Therefore, they were looking for models/photographers to shoot with. I found it quite a smart idea to start thinking in bigger projects instead of on shooting a time.

I started to post my idea in various Facebook groups and Fabienne was one of the models who notified me. My idea was to shoot several dessous shootings a year on black and white film only and of course, on medium format (Mamiya RZ67 Pro II).

It was a joy working with Fabienne and I can’t wait to shoot with her again in March. A big thanks to Steffi for the Visa and Fabienen.

Model: Fabienne König
Hair&Visa: Stefanie Richi-Widmer

Developed by ars-imago

PS: The polaroid negatives of Fabienne are out of the same shooting.













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