Polaroid negatives… with Fabienne

After I got back several rolls of 120 developed film I had a big shock. 3 rolls did not really have anything on it. To find the issue I started testing my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with 110mm lens to make sure the problem is not the camera. Therefore, I used Polaroids with the Fujifilm FP-100c silk. I did three shots at home and seven with Fabienne. While we were shooting I laid the Polaroid negatives carefully on the table because they aren’t dry and there is still some chemistry left on the Polaroid negatives. I remembered that Emily Soto uses sometimes the technique if scanning the Polaroid negatives. I have never done that before but thought it is worth while trying. After the shooting I got a glass plate and did a test on the weekend and scanned the seven images today. And the output is what you see below.

I like the look, style and the uniqueness of each image. I should use the technique more often, even the workload for each image is a bit. First taping the image on the glass, bleeching the black background away with a brush, wash it of, scan the image and a bit postproduction in Lightroom is not the world, but takes time for each image easy up to 15-20 minutes.

A big thanks to Fabienne and Stefanie. Was a pleasure working with you! The images of the planned shooting will be showed after development, scanning and editing on a later post here. We did a black & white dessous shooting and it is part of a project. I surely will shoot again with Fabienne and hopefully also work with you again, Stefanie.


  • Model: Fabienne König
  • Visa & Hair: Stefanie Richi
  • Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
  • Lens: Sekor 110mm at f2.8
  • Polaroids: Fujifilm FP 100c Silk
  • Light: Elinchrom ELC HD Pro 500
  • Lightshaper: Elinchrom Deep Octa 100cm
  • Scanner: Epson V800

PS: Too sad that Fujifilm does not produce anymore the FP-100c Polaroids.








2 thoughts on “Polaroid negatives… with Fabienne

    1. Who knows. Fujifilm does not produce anymore the FP-100c. There is only some remaining stock left and they got really expensive. I have one box left

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