Selfie times

No matters on which social media platform you visit selfies are omni present. So I was thinking of why not take selfies yourself too. But soon you realize that you are not the super photo model and that it’s actually really hard to pose nice.

So I took the challenge and made a few selfies of myself. And guess what… it is actually fun when you figured out how you look at least a bit good (or silly).

But most I learned about myself. What’s my better looking side, how do I have to put my body in front of the camera. Yes, modeling is not easy. I think it’s a good experience for every photographer to do that little exercise. Well, I did it by coincidence but hey, isn’t most of our lifes that way? So, go selfie times 😉

BTW: I did a selfie time a week earlier already and wrote a short blog post about it.
PS: I used the camera on a tripod, an Elinchrom ELC HD Pro 500 Head and a Rotalux 150cm indirect softbox without diffusor.

IMG_0412-3 IMG_0416-4 IMG_0388-1IMG_0393-2

Or you can tell little stories…



IMG_0457-15 IMG_0437-12 IMG_0426-5 IMG_0432-6

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