Men Shooting: The Analog Part

As you can slowly see on my blog here at LOECK.LI, I shoot more and more film. For me shooting with film is much more than just being a hipster or whatever you want to call it. It is thinking before shooting and have almost done a look on the images when you scan them. With digital it is completely different. Basically you shoot the images and afterwards you have almost all possibilities open in the post production. That’s one side. The other side is how you prepare yourself and the model to take an image. Especially with the Mamiya RZ67 you only got 10 images on one roll of film. So you better start thinking before you shoot. And the amazing thing is, that it really works.

Jenny, from Haarwerkstadt Jenny Pfeifer, wanted to shoot men. She organized three of them out of her circle of friends and there you have the images. All shots are taken on one roll of Rollei RPX 100 film with the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. 10 images and you see all of them. And all of them are somehow good.

Of course I adjusted a bit the contrast and cleaned the images from the dust being their when scanned. But further than that, nothing is done in post.
For me it is a joy starting experimenting with different kinds of film particularly on medium format. I love how the transition from in focus to out of focus is in the images. It is much softer as on the fancy 35mm systems and those below them.

Quick info to the light and so on. I only used one light source with my Elinchrom ELC HD Pro 500 and the Elinchrom deep octa 100cm softbox with a grey backdrop from Seemless. That’s it. All images are shot with the 110mm Sekor on the Mamiya at an aperture at around f4.0 to f5.6. And that is all I needed for the men shooting.

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