Carmen analog

 One of my last posts was about artist portraits of Carmen with her Cello. During the shooting I took also images on my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II on Rollei RPX 100 film. The development was done by ars-imago. Now the film has arrived, I finally scanned and removed the dust from the images. So here […]


I went for a coffee with Andrin at a wonderful Bistro in Winterthur. And there she was: Andrea was working there. I didn’t know at the time her name or anything about her. But a few times our eyes met during the meeting with Andrin. She has such beautiful blue eyes and the sparkle in them […]

Power Girl Corinne

A few posts before I showed a few images of the first studio shooting for Andrin. Now he organized a friend of his for a shooting: Corinne. So last Sunday we had so called that “fitness” shooting. Andrin experimented a lot and in the end I took a few shots of her since he had […]

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