Startup movie

Time is running by and is has been already two months since I did a movie project for a friend. He and his friends participated at the ZHAW Startup Challenge. And for their 5 minutes pitch they wanted a short commercial clip. So we did that on a sunny day in Rapperswil. I posted already a short video of the landscape takes with our funny extra swiss spoken English accent.

But now you have the chance to view it as well. It was taken really spontaneously with no script. Only with the ideas and we knew that we can use the restaurant “dieci” for filming.

In the end it was a no budget clip but we really all enjoyed the lovely day and had a lot of fun. No professional cutting and filming, just what we could do at those moments we had.

So, thanks Fabian for asking me to do that movie project with you. It was a pleasure working with you and any time again 😉 Should they start their startup I promise I to let you know.


A few behind the scene impressions:

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